Thinking globally, acting locally to provide resources for special needs children and their families.

Our Mission:

The mission of The Autistic Alliance Foundation (TAAF) is to find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of autistic and special needs children.

Guiding us in our mission is our core values:

  • Focusing on the special needs of children
  • Celebrating the diversity of the programs and the staff, volunteers and donors who make these possible
  • Staying true to our heritage of responsible stewardship
  • Operating with accountability and transparency

Our Vision:

We believe that when you change a child’s live, you change a family’s, which can change a community and ultimately the world!

TAAF strives to be part of the solution in improving the special needs of children and their families, helping access programs that strengthen families.

TAAF aims to develop strategic alliances with organizations that have the knowledge and infrastructure to extend our reach.

Mostly, we rely on you, our donors, volunteers, staff and friends to make this a reality.